Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 4: Macro

I was really looking forward to this week's theme. I like macro photography a lot and just recently got a macro lens. This theme also persuaded me to make a little light tent out of some cardboard and tissue paper that made lighting much easier. I also recently picked up a wireless transmitter and receiver that allows me to get my flash of the camera, which is essential. The best part was, only 20 bucks. On to the pictures.

As soon as I found out this week's theme was photography I knew that I wanted to take a picture of money. It fascinates me the amount of detail that can be printed with dashed lines. I shot this one with a very shallow depth of field so that just the eyes would be in focus.
Plant-life is always fun to photograph in macro. There's so much detail when you get up close. This one is of a small cactus we have in our house. I love how green and lush it can look while needing almost no water.
This is one of my favorites. The trickiest part of this shot is trying to line myself up in front of the camera, taking the picture, and then turning around the tripod to see if I got the shot right, then repeating another 20 times. Oh, and I also had my lightbox balancing on my shoulders to soften the light.
I came across this shot on accident. I was taking some pictures of Dilly on our office chair and noticed the detail of the chair's fabric in the picture. Holding my flash real low, I was able to get a nice contrasty shot.
Light bulbs also fascinate me quite a bit and we just happened to have a nice clear one sitting around.
This is of our cheese grater. I love the brushed metal look in this one. I also took some pictures of knife edges, but while cool how much detail you can see in the sharp edge of the knife, lacked anything beyond that.
Leaves are always good to photograph. So much detail.
This one was Amy's idea. She calls it "macro-roni". That's all I'll say.

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