Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 41: Snow

Amy and I went back to Madison for the holidays and they were lucky enough to get a ton of snow just before we arrived. I was extremely excited to get some snow photos. Snow can be challenging to photograph. It tends to mess with auto metering in the camera and it can be hard to expose properly with people in the photo. No matter, I was up for the challenge.

Gabe and Nathaniel and I went out for some snow disc golfing. It was gorgeous. 15 inches of snow makes golfing difficult, but makes for pretty photos. There's something about this shot that I love. I like the contrast of Gabe's jacket with the snow and the depth in the background.

This shot is a lesson in subject. I took a lot of other photos of snow covered trees, but having the golf pin in the corner as my subject made this shot stand out against all of the others. 

Amazingly this isn't an HDR shot. The sun was setting and created some really nice colors. 

While I was back in town my mom and I went for a horseback ride in the snow. Horses love to roll in the dirt after a ride and apparently the same holds true when there's snow on the ground.

I love the rays of sun coming into the shot as well as the little ice crystals on the horse's eyelashes. Couldn't be happier with this shot. 

The snow was pretty unreal. It looked so fake. Very flaky and crystallized. Tried to capture some of that with this shot. 

Easily my favorite shot from the trip. The clouds combined with the sunset created some pretty unreal lines in the sky. The HDR brought out the contrast in the clouds a little more, but the scene was pretty breathtaking in person.