Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Week 42: Reunion

It's been a while since I've posted. Turns out that having to move your life in three weeks will tend to put a damper on photo taking and writing. Well, I'm now a tiny bit more settled into life, until it changes drastically again in one month, so time for some more photos.

I decided the theme for the week was going to be reunion. Seems appropriate being back in my hometown and this particular evening was a reunion of sorts, being with folks that I used to play music with.

These photos were an interesting challenge. The lighting was pretty terrible for photo taking and the room was very small. I wanted to get more close-up shots, but my 100mm lens was a bit too close, and my 17-50mm lens wouldn't get me close enough. So I was constantly switching lenses depending on what I wanted. It was also pretty much impossible for me to move around and get different angles, so everything was pretty much taken from the same place. I ended up shooting most things at ISO 1600 or even 3200. Really not much light. On with the show...

I love this shot. It's technically not very good, but the combination of the looks on Keith and Paul's faces are pretty incredible.

Pretty much the last time I played music with people we had notebooks and printouts of lyrics and chords. How things have changed...laptops, iphones, ipads...a very different experience. I like the dichotomy in this shot, a little bit of the analog with the digital.

I found out that I like taking photos of hands, and I know why. I'm still quite shy taking photos of people, even people I know, so hands are much easier. 

I think this is my favorite. Something about the framing and clarity and the bit of light coming from the laptop. 

Oh look, more hands...

Wait, you didn't get enough hands, well, here's some more...

Again, not a technically great shot, but I was happy to get a shot of people singing and playing.