Friday, July 19, 2013

Week 44: Going Places

I recently took a trip down to Florida to visit my uncle. A delay of my flight out of Madison meant I missed my next flight in Cincinnati. Meaning a five hour layover instead of 45 minutes. I love taking photos in airports, so I made the most of the situation.

This really struck me. The reflection of one man, standing alone, staring in the distance...

I always love moving walkways for photos. Although I must look pretty silly riding back and forth with my camera on the ground.

I had this whole terminal to myself. I tried a ton of different shots before I got this one. The blurred stools in the foreground had a really interesting pattern, but it wasn't really working having the focus on those. I also tried cutting them out of the photo, but I really like the addition of them.

I've always thought outlets looked like faces, but until I took a photo of one, I didn't realize the pain in the face.

Black and white HDR. I really love it, and might try and do more of this style. For some reason this looks very WWII to me.

One of the few times I feel like I've used leading lines well.

Not in the airport, but I still liked it. It's surprisingly hard to get good photos of a sailboat, while on the sailboat. I bet using a fisheye lens could be cool.