Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 1: Color

This week was a fairly generic and easy theme, which made it both easy and difficult. It was really easy to look at something and say, hey, there's color, I'm going to take a picture of that. It was much more difficult to find something creative to do, because there was always something to take a picture of. I think it was nice for a first week them to help me get into the swing of things.

This was my first picture and I took it purely to get the first shot out of the way. I experimented with a couple of different angles, but I liked how the grey and the green contrasted and you get some nice shadowing on the texture of the bag. 

 I noticed this one when I was getting ready to leave in the morning. Amy had left a little bit of juice in a glass and the sun was shining through it nicely. I like the way the orange light converges in the shadow.
 This is our watering can outside. It's got some nice kind of rust coloring going on. I kind of phoned this one in.
 Saw this while walking to work. The leaves had started changing, but not all of them. This was the only group of red leaves in the surrounding trees.
 I tried to get a little creative with this one. This is Amy's swimsuit hanging on a hook. With the macro lens it gives a really shallow depth of field.
 When I found out that this week's theme was color, I knew that I wanted to take a picture of my shoes. I wanted to use natural light, so I put the shoe on the window sill, which also gave me a nice generic background. I took a lot of different angles, but I liked how this one put the toe of the shoe out of focus and drew you into the DPU monogram.
 Last one in the series. This was on my flight to Dallas. The sunrise outside the window of the place was pretty awesome and trying to capture that through a plane window was challenging.

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