Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 2: Neighbors

I allowed myself a bit of artistic license with this theme, which I think is sometimes the goal of this sort of thing. Since the theme coincided with my trip to Boston, to see friends, I allowed myself to use them as my subjects.

I took this first one on the roof of my house. There was a nice bright moon and I wanted to see how that lit up the sky, and if I could still get some stars in the photo. I like how the moonlight makes it look like daytime with a long enough exposure. You may not be able to see it in the smaller image, but in the larger image you can see the stars. I figure, the stars are our neighbor, right. Again, artistic license. 
 The moon is the earth's neighbor, so that's why I took this photo. The moon is an interesting thing to photograph. You would think that since it's dark out you'd need a long shutter speed and a tripod, but you really don't There's enough light bouncing off from the sun that it's actually a pretty short shutter speed. This image is cropped a bit and I wish I had a longer zoom to be able to get in closer without the crop.
 This image just about sums up how Keith golfs. Intense, goofy, concentration.
 Mentally, physically, somethings just not right.
 This was of the building next to where I was staying in Boston. It was really cool to see the leaves gradually change in just the few days that we were there.
 This was one of my favorite pictures from my trip. I walked around O'Hare for 3 hours. I was a little wary to get my camera out and take pictures, but I knew I really wanted a moving shot on the walkway. I probably spent an hour on this walkway going back and forth, trying different things. It was fairly busy while I was there, so it was hard to get a photo without a bunch of people in it. I actually got this shot after going back later in the evening when it was a little less busy. I'm glad I did.
 This was my first actual attempt at a portrait for someone. I was really glad I did it and I learned a lot. I had everything all set up to use the light coming in from the window, but by the time we took the picture it was getting dark fast. I abandoned that hope and turned all the lights on in the room and used a flash. I'm really happy with how everything turned out. It was a really informal portrait and the whole thing probably took less than 5 minutes. With some more time and more control of the lights I think it could be even better.

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  1. That nighttime roof shot is pretty awesome. I had no idea it wasn't the middle of the afternoon until looking at the bigger image.