Friday, January 13, 2012

Week 14: Becket, MA

Once again I'm taking the week off from the theme and just posting the seven best pictures I took while we were in Becket.

This one was taken while Gabe and Elizabeth were doing a puzzle. I like the layering here. 

This is definitely a favorite of mine. I purposefully tried to get the steering wheel blurred in the foreground. This was a rare photo where it matched the image in my head.

This is a panoramic shot of a quarry we hiked to. Again, I have a hard time photographing things that are beautiful because they are vast. I think a panoramic shot helps, but it still doesn't do it justice. Maybe if I had a fish-eye lens. 

Another one of my favorites. An HDR shot of an old rusted out truck. As soon as I saw this thing I knew it had to be HDR.

I was impressed that I was able to convince Gabe to actually sit in this car. Such a good sport. 

This was shot on another hike we took. I just really like the framing in this shot. 

Finally a nice wide shot of the river in Cambridge. I saw the sun shining off of the water and knew I wanted to silhouette the bridge and the buildings in the background. 

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