Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 13: Madison

I decided that since I was in Madison this week, I would disregard the suggested theme and just focus on Madison. It was fun to walk around campus (something I've done hundreds of times) and look at things with a different eye. Both of that of a photographer, as well as that of someone who has moved away and doesn't take home for granted. I ended up seeing things that I've never noticed before, even though I would walk by them every day.

I will always love the Madison skyline with the lake in the foreground. Some things are just ingrained.

I used to run across this bridge all the time, but never noticed the detail in the walls.

Nothing quite says Madison like the union terrace and the sailboats all lined up along the lake. I especially liked how these looked like mouths ready to eat. 

This coil of rope was sitting inside one of the stacked sailboats. It will probably sit like this, untouched, all winter. 

This is the lake-side of the union terrace. I tried my hand at doing a black-and-white HDR photo and I think it turned out pretty well. It brought out the contrast between the vines and the stone that wasn't easily captured with just a single exposure.

Another HDR shot, this time of a statue tucked into a corner of one of the buildings on library mall. There were four of these statues that I didn't notice the entire time I lived in Madison.

Manhole cover. What more can you say?

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