Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Week 29: Hot

It's been hot this week, it was hot last week, it's going to be hot next week, and probably the rest of the summer. What better theme to have for this week. I decided to fully embrace the heat and go out on a photo walk in the middle of the afternoon, when it's hottest. Last week I used the nice setting light to create a series of really nice soft warm photos. This week I wanted to do the opposite and use the harsh afternoon light to try and aid in the oppressive feeling of the heat.

There's something about cracked pavement and weeds growing through that just scream heat to me. Maybe it's because back in Madison you knew it was hot when the pavement started buckling.

A little bit of the sun peeking into the corner...a streetlight in the middle of a parking lot..there's nothing quite hotter than an asphalt parking lot in summer.

Proof that it was just a little bit hot when I was out walking. Not the worst temperatures we've ever seen, by far, but not exactly pleasant. 

This is going away from theme a bit, but this valve does bring gas into an apartment complex, which heats water...

For some reason construction barrels always signal heat to me. 

As a kid, I remember the thigh-searing pain of trying to use these types of swings in summer. 

Literal heat. 

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