Monday, March 5, 2012

Week 21: Anger

So after a week off I wanted this week to be a good one. I couldn't have come up with a better theme myself for this week, anger. This is perfect timing. I'm at the height of anger and frustration with my photography and I figured I could capture that in my photos. This is supposed to be a photo-a-day project, but I ended up banging all of these out in two days. It felt great. I finally felt creative and thought I got some really interesting shots.

This is easily my favorite shot. I feel like I was able to capture exactly the amount of frustration and anger that I feel when I can't think creatively. I also really loved how the lighting turned out on this one. I shot my flash through an umbrella behind me, then I also put another white diffusing panel between the umbrella and me. So any light you see is either wrapping around me, or is bouncing off the rest of the room. I think not lighting my face directly added to the thematic darkness of the photo. 

I call this one 'angry neck'.
Sometimes when you're angry you just want to punch something. I wish I could have gotten an action shot of punching something, but it's already hard enough taking self portraits without adding movement into it. 
This is me holding the camera by the lens, mad at it because it won't reveal its creative secrets. 
When you get frustrated with photography you throw and break stuff. Luckily no actual equipment was hard in the making of this shot. 
After the intense anger and frustration comes the crushing self doubt. I like how there's a little bit of light illuminating my eye.
And sometimes you just have to crush a hat with your hands. 
All in all I'm very happy with how this week went. It showed me that I can get some decent shots when I start feeling creative. Hopefully I'm over the hump and things will get a little easier from here on out.

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