Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week 20: Night

I've been finding this project more and more frustrating. I've been really busy with work and coaching frisbee, which leaves very little time to take photos and feel creative. I feel like the last bunch of posts have all started like this. I took these photos as an attempt to jump-start things a bit. I figure I only have time to take photos at night, so I should make that my theme. Then I can embrace it. I ended up taking a bunch of photos one night, and then not really anything the rest of the week. I think there's also a bit of cabin fever sitting in, and it's hard to come up with new things to take photos of in the house.

After taking these photos I took the week off to try and rejuvenate. We'll see if that helps any with next week's theme. I'm encouraged by the fact that I know what I'm putting out sucks. I'm at the point where I know it's bad, but I don't really know what to do to make it better. I don't think it's execution, I think it's pure creativity at this point. I know I have the skill to execute my ideas, but it's those ideas that are failing me now.

I think it's important to keep churning away, because I'm not going to get better with my camera sitting at my desk. Hopefully I look back at this post as a turning point.

This is a photo I took of a little baby Adipose plush with a Curious George birthday hat. I stuck this little candle light in front of him and there was just something mesmerizing about his eyes. They're just black pieces of plastic, but somehow there's a curiosity in them. I can't explain it.

There's something I really like about this photo. It's not an interesting subject, or an interesting idea, but something about the background and the contrasting light and dark of the cat draws me in.
The main reason I like this photo is because of the reflection in the wood floor. 
This isn't great, but I kind of liked it at the time. I enjoyed the idea of taking a photo of something that's usually beautiful during the day and still trying to capture some of that beauty when it's lit by a yard light.
Lately I've been taking a lot of pictures with flashes, so I really wanted to work with the light I had and something that means motion. The first photo I took, I was just trying to take a picture of the light coming through our front door, but the shutter was way too long to make it crisp, so I decided to go with it and really move the camera around.
The only reason I find this interesting is because of the way the camera somehow only captured half of the numbers. This is the clock on our microwave. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the refresh rate of the display. 
I was slightly inspired by the Pixar lamp with this one. 


  1. Love the Pixar lamp and the first shot reminds of the marshmallow man weird character in Final Fantasy VII.

  2. The previous comment is referring to Cait Sith.