Saturday, February 11, 2012

Week 18: Work

I was sick for a good part of this week, and the photos definitely suffered. I was having a really hard time finding inspiration and motivation. It didn't help that I was traveling for three days this week. I'm hoping to get on track for next week's theme.

I just got some new collar stays for my work shirts, I'm pretty excited about them. Only problem is that a lot of my shirts don't have the little pockets for them. Time to get creative with some cutting and sewing.
It's hard work to do heart rate training AND drink whiskey.
This was a couple of days after I got really sick. I slept until 12:45 in the afternoon then tried to get dressed and go to work. As you can probably guess from the photo, that did not happen. 
This is another photo from the 'animal eats everything under the hood of my car' series. While I was driving to Madison I got stuck in a rain storm, without wipers, and the storm wasn't moving. I didn't have wipers because the animal ate a 4-inch chunk out of the wiper motor harness. Fed up with waiting around for rain that would never end, I bought some cable, some butt connectors, and rewired the motor harness. This photo is my handiwork. 
We have a door at work where the wood grain has an awesome kind of screaming fire face. I tried to get the face to pop a bit more by using HDR and then adding more contrast with the B&W. 

Only five pictures this week since I was sidelined with the sickness. Hopefully I'll get back on track next week.

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