Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 8: Romance

This week's theme is romance, which I decided to be pretty loose with. The week started off pretty strong, but then got more difficult with traveling and the holidays.

The first version of this photo was just a shot of a candle flame. It was pretty boring, so I decided to experiment with blowing on the flame and doing a long exposure. I like how you can see all of the different wisps of the flame as well as the wick in the center.

This photo actually came out of another idea failure I had. I wanted to do some droplet photography in a wine glass, but it just wasn't working out at all. As a last ditch effort to make the drops more interesting I tried to drop some food coloring in the glass, it was incredible the designs it made. I wasn't prepared, so I washed the glass out, lit it all differently and got what you see below. I tried different colors and adding multiple drops, but there's something pleasing about the simplicity of the single drop of food coloring.
I've been wanting to experiment with smoke photography for a while now and this seemed like a good opportunity. Amy and I went down to the Asian market to buy some incense, that looked like it had been on the shelf for many years, and off I went. Smoke photography can be really interesting because you never know how the air currents are going to effect the smoke. I had to clear all the smoke out between pictures and then hold my breath so I wouldn't blow the smoke around. I lit the smoke with a snooted flash, so that only the smoke was illuminated, and then inverted the image to make the smoke stand out more.
This is a photo of my sister's dog Anya, taken at Thanksgiving. She just got a new enormous bone and it was love at first sight.
Another Thanksgiving shot. This is the bottom of a candle that's filled with red oil. When the candle is lit it casts a really cool light down onto the table.
My sister and my nephew James.
My mom and my nephew James. He gets a lot of love on the holidays.

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